Joke Ridge

Warning: This software is unsupported. It is provided here for the convenience of those people who are still using pre Mac OS X systems. Mac OS X systems have the same functionality built-in.

Joke Ridge is a file system extension that provides support for Joliet and Rock Ridge CD-ROMs in Mac OS 7.5.3 and later. It doesn't work in Mac OS X. This software is no longer in active development.

Terms of use

Joke Ridge is subject to the following terms of use.

You may use this software for free. However, it is copyrighted software, owned by the author, Alejandro Castro. You may make as many copies as you want and distribute them, as long as you include the full package with all its program files and documentation files, but you must not: 1) distribute modified versions of this software; 2) charge money for the use of this software. You are allowed to charge for the media and for your distribution costs, but it must be clear to the recipient that he or she is paying for these concepts, not for the use of this software. You cannot include this software as part of a commercial package, unless you have written permission from the copyright owner.

You use this software at your own risk. You acknowledge that it is not defect free and that it may not work as intended. The author will not be held responsible for any damages or losses caused by the use of this software.


The most recent version is 1.0, released in February 2002.

Click on this link to get Joke Ridge 1.0: jokeridge.sit

You need Stuffit Expander to be able to use the downloaded file. This decompression utility is often preinstalled in old Mac OS systems.